We invest in seed and pre-series A startups taking on new and innovative digital business opportunities in Japan and Southeast Asia, as well as invest additional outlays beyond series A in our existing portfolio that exhibit steady growth.

While the rate of economic growth in Japan is no longer high, there is considerable room for growth in terms of lifestyle infrastructure and digital transformation, thus presenting many business opportunities for startups. We also observe an increasing number of talents from a wide range of backgrounds entering the entrepreneurial space, including people from storied firms, investment banking, strategic consulting firms, and more, further confirming that there are still opportunities waiting to be tapped.

At the same time in Southeast Asia, the young generation who represent the majority of its vast population are driving economic growth, with startup entrepreneurs leading the pack. Digital technology is ushering in new industries which provide infrastructure that are no longer dependent on traditional assets.

We draw on knowledge and expertise from many years of business experience in Japan and Asia to not only remain committed to supporting hardworking entrepreneurs, but also leverage our knowledge, network, and local talent to fully support partners in localization and overseas expansion.


Seed round/pre-series A round
*We also consider additional investment beyond series A for our existing portfolio


  1. 1Real tech

    Japan: Emerging XaaS that redefine the business models of existing industries, and areas peripheral to digital disruption, such as platform operators that eliminate redundancy
    Southeast Asia: Infrastructure industries built on a digital basis

  2. 2New economy
    Media & Entertainment

    • New economy: C2C (e-commerce, services), sharing economies, crowdsourcing, industries peripheral to decentralized platforms
    • Media & Entertainment: industries peripheral to media, content, and XR
  3. 3Frontier Tech

    New industries peripheral to AI, IoT, robotics, drones, low Earth orbit satellites, etc.


Southeast Asia