ESG Investment Policy


Our vision is to create a society that brings prosperity and opportunity to all. We work together with all stakeholders to create a better world and future, and to become a sustainable global platform for industrial creation. It is because we hold these values and passions that we believe that responsible investment that considers environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is an inevitability that will lead to higher investment returns through the creation of long-term corporate value. We have established the following policy to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities and remain socially responsible as an investor.

ESG Investment Policy

1. We will consider factors relating to ESG at each stage of the investment process, including analysis, evaluation, decision-making, investing, and when providing support post-investment.

2. We will follow environmental compliance rules and consider risks associated with climate change (caused by greenhouse gas emissions, etc.), maintenance of ecosystems and biodiversity, management and recycling of industrial waste and hazardous substances, our impact on air, soil, and water pollution, and the impact of noise, vibration, and odor pollution on living environments.

3. We will comply with laws and regulations regarding working conditions and occupational health and safety, provide a safe working environment that respects human rights and diversity, and strive to build positive relationships with our employees and business partners.

4. We will strive to protect personal information, follow information security measures, conduct quality control, and adhere to product compliance rules.

5. We will strive to comply with corporate ethics and employee compliance rules, prevent bribery and corruption, establish a fraud risk management system, ensure management transparency, eliminate antisocial forces, and implement anti money laundering rules.

6. We will identify significant ESG risks and opportunities, work to mitigate risks and create new business opportunities through daily active engagement with management of startups, and encourage companies to proactively address ESG issues through the appropriate exercise of our voting rights.

7. We will continue to monitor changes through shared understanding and engagement with management of startups regarding important ESG issues, implement measures, propose improvements, and provide timely information to fund investors.

8. We will work to understand the positions and thought processes of stakeholders, including management of startups, employees, customers, business partners, creditors, shareholders, government agencies, and local communities, with respect to potential conflicts of interest that may arise, and make our utmost efforts to ensure that their interests are aligned.

9. We will provide opportunities for our executives and employees, as well as those of the portfolio companies, to learn about ESG issues via study sessions, and conduct educational activities to spread and promote the understanding of ESG issues in the industry.