Aiming to develop a space for new industrial creation and co-creation in Japan and Southeast Asia

Japan is currently at a major OS turning point, with plenty of room for digital transformation of lifestyle infrastructure and industry. On the other hand, the massive population of Southeast Asia is comprised of roughly half younger demographics who are both driving strong economic growth and leading startups which don’t always require traditional infrastructure and assets, instead creating a completely new structure of industry through digital technology.

We aim to develop a global “co-creation” space which allows both parties to utilize their respective knowledge and know-how.

  1. 1Digital transformation (DX)

    Business models around digital transformation, such as XaaS that improves business structures of various industries, and platforms that eliminate complex layers.

  2. 2New economy

    New economy business models such as OMO, C2C (E-Commerce, service), sharing economy, decentralized platforms, etc., that optimize individual empowerment and customer experiences.

  3. 3Media and entertainment

    Business models around media and entertainment, such as content, VR, and AR that provide value in the form of moving experiences, as individual interests diversify. 

  4. 4Frontier tech

    New industries, including robotics, digital twinning, and space technologies, as well as areas relating to digital innovation through the application of information sciences.


Southeast Asia


Seed round
*We also consider additional investment beyond series A for our existing portfolio


As a member of a creative industry platform, we bring enrichment and opportunity to all people.

What do we create?

Working together with entrepreneurs in their seed and early stages, the beginning of business creation, we focus on the germination which produces the first bud from these seeds. Together, we look at the big picture, fine lines, and strong feelings wrapped up in each startup and provide support. Getting involved like this is our own personal will.

What drives us to take action?

We are driven by our passion to make the world and future we envision a reality. This is the power that transform the individual will inside of each and every person into an engine for life. We believe that people with never-ending altruism and an equality mindset will create a strong team that can change the world.

What role do we play?

We are a member of a platform for the creation of a sustainable new industry. As a venture capital company, we carry out investment and provide business support for innovative startups within the platform, become a hub connecting society as a whole and all stakeholders as one team. In this way, we serves the same function as blood circulating within the body.

As a venture capital firm, we are taking on six challenges.

We engage with all stakeholders in creating new industries, and act as a hub, bringing talent, information, and technology to all our partners to create a platform that drives the next generation of sustainable industry.

Enriching people’s lives

Achieve rich and happy lives through the creation of a society in which individuals can continually choose their own will (way they want to be).

Circular economy

Through sharing and recycling of time, objects, spaces, and other resources, maximize usage efficiency and lifelong value, achieving sustainable economic activities.

Equality of information and opportunity

Maximize opportunities for all by eliminating the various “negatives” and “non-conformities” created by asymmetry of information availability.

Demonstration of wisdom

Achieve working styles that utilize human wisdom through co-creation with software and technology.

Coexistence and symbiosis

Realize a sustainable ecosystem through the creation of a society that can coexist in symbiosis with other living things and nature.

Healthy society

Achieve a healthy society through the steady progress of medical technology development, providing benefit and kindness to the mind and body.