We engage with all stakeholders in creating new industries, and act as a hub, bringing talent, information, and technology to all our partners to create a platform that drives the next generation of sustainable industry.

The “Genesia” in Genesia Ventures is a portmanteau of “genesis,” implying origin and creation, and “Asia”, to represent our commitment to create new business opportunities in Asia.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the world has entered a new era through digital technologies, and startups have played and are still playing pivotal roles in this game-changing transformation. The large industries and social infrastructure that have thus far led the world are on the brink of new development through the disruptive potential of the digital sphere. Simultaneously, developed regions are establishing new industries through a digital infrastructure that is not dependent on traditional modalities or assets.

Through seed and early stage investment in startups, we believe we can help achieve a thriving society heralded by digital technology, and we are committed to support these startups and accelerate their growth, ushering in a world in which everyone can create wealth and has equal opportunities.


As a member of co-creation platform

We are a member of a platform for the creation of a sustainable new industry. As a venture capital company, we carry out investment and provide business support for innovative startups within the platform, become a hub connecting society as a whole and all stakeholders as one team. In this way, we serves the same function as blood circulating within the body.



We are a venture capital firm dedicated to seed and early stage investments in innovative digital startups in Asia