Investment in Friend Microbe, a startup launched from Nagoya University that utilizes microorganisms to contribute to the achievement of SDGs


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has announced its investment from Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3) in Friend Microbe, a Nagoya University venture that utilizes microorganisms to contribute to the achievement of SDGs.

About Friend Microbe

Friend Microbe is a startup founded at Nagoya University, aiming to contribute to the achievement of sustainable society as outlined in the SDGs by commercializing and implementing technologies that utilize microorganisms and their enzymes, with the company slogan “Make Microorganisms Your Friends”.

Purpose of Funding

The funds raised will be used to promote sales of “MiBiocon®-FW,” a system for decomposing fats and oils in wastewater that is currently available for purchase, and to enhance its performance through further development.

In addition, the company plans to broaden the scope of application of fat- and oil-degrading microorganisms beyond fat and oil in wastewater by creating a system for grease traps and garbage disposals. Finally, the company aims to accelerate research and development of mineral oil degradation technology, not limited to animal and vegetable oils, with the goal of commercializing the technology within two years.

[*1] A grease trap is a device used in restaurants, factories, and other establishments to separate and store oil and grease in wastewater to prevent it from flowing directly into drains and sewage pipes.

About Mibiocon, a system for breaking down fats and oils in wastewater

The “MiBiocon®-FW” system is designed to decompose oil and fat in wastewater discharged from food processing plants and other plants that handle food products. In the past, this oil and fat have been physically separated and treated as industrial waste due to its low reusability. However, the high-performance oil and fat decomposing microbial group developed at Nagoya University can now decompose this waste, leading to a reduction in the generation of oily sludge, which is itself an industrial waste.

The benefits of using this system have already been realized by a major food company, which has experienced a reduction in oily waste and bad odors, as well as a decrease in waste disposal costs.

About the Investment

Masafumi Kawai, Partner & Chief Sustainability Officer, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

Microorganisms have the potential to break down and synthesize a wide range of compounds, and Friend Microbe is leveraging this potential in the field of wastewater treatment using technology developed at Nagoya University. Its solutions not only offer economic benefits such as cost reduction and odor control, but also contribute to biodiversity by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting environmental conservation, thereby strongly supporting corporate ESG management efforts. In the mid- to long-term, we aim to not only degrade waste but also synthesize useful substances, and are highly optimistic about the evolution and potential of this unparalleled technology using microorganisms.

Comments from the Management Team

Junichi Kanie, President and Representative Director, Friend Microbe

During my time as a student, I studied microorganisms at Nagoya University. These tiny organisms possess great potential, constantly evolving and developing new properties that have never before existed on earth. By harnessing the power of microorganisms, which exist in a wide range of environments, from extreme environments to the human body, we aim to propose solutions to existing problems. Our company, Friend Microbe, takes its name from the concept of making friends with and utilizing the power of microorganisms. As our name suggests, we intend to address social issues with the help of microorganisms.

Company Profile

Company name: Friend Microbe Inc.
Establishment :June 13, 2017
Location :104 NALIC, 2-22-8 Chikusa, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Representative : Junichi Kanie, President and Representative Director