Pre-Series A Round Investment in Logpose Technologies, a Logistics Company Using AI and Data Science Technology to Challenge Logistics DX


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has announced its investment in the Pre-Series A Round of Logpose Technologies, a provider of automated vehicle dispatch management system for the logistics industry in Japan, from Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3).

About Logpose Technologies

Logpose Technologies was founded in 2018 by a group of AI and data science specialists, combining the technical expertise of university professors and academics with the business drive of former executives from major corporations. Their mission is to “organize the global cargo information and optimize its distribution.” In December 2021, it started providing an automated vehicle dispatch management system — called the AI Automated Vehicle Dispatch Assistant LOG — equipped with the LOG Algorithm.

About AI Automated Dispatch Assistant LOG

AI Automated Dispatch Assistant LOG is a system that uses AI to automate the vehicle dispatch management and delivery planning that transportation companies perform on a daily basis. The system can generate optimal output on vehicle dispatch plans that takes into account complex constraints such as driver attendance, delivery time, and vehicle classification in a matter of tens of seconds to a few minutes. Furthermore, the system is equipped with an algorithm that matches nearby vehicles to delivery destinations, making it possible to create complex vehicle dispatch plans that span multiple locations in one batch. With these functions, AI is utilized to improve profitability by optimizing vehicle dispatch and standardizing the tasks of creating vehicle dispatches.

▼ Main functions: dispatch management, automatic dispatch, calendar, master management, work plan, etc.
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Background on Funding

The market size for the logistics industry has been expanding in recent years due to the birth and growth of e-commerce sited and a variety of services enabling them. However, the industry is facing major challenges such as a shortage of drivers, heavy workloads, and a decline in the loading efficiency of sales trucks.

Logpose Technologies decided to raise funds to maximize its technology to help solve the industry’s problems, and the funds raised will be invested in accelerating the development of AI Automated Dispatch Assistant LOG and in recruiting and expanding the organization.

▼ Recruitment and Career Information:

The team will further develop its LOG Algorithm and AI Automated Dispatch Assistant LOG to optimize the logistics industry with the power of AI and big data.

Future Development

Comments from Yukimitsu Hamuro, CEO, Logpose Technologies Inc.

We can see that it will take a considerable amount of time and resources to realize our vision. However, any big ideas always start from the ground up, and we will continue to refine our core technologies and steadily build on our successes. We are pleased that our vision is appreciated, and our technological capabilities are evaluated in a positive light even in the early stages of development.

We believe that technology is a key prerequisite to development in the logistics industry, and that it’s important to get into the field and get our hands dirty in order to build a business in this sector that will meet high expectations.

About the investment

Soichi Tajima, General Partner & CEO/Masami Ichinohe, Associate, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

While logistics is one of the most important infrastructures for economic activities, there are deep-seated and significant problems that have not been fundamentally solved to date. Through research and interviews, we have deepened our thoughts on the ideal form of logistics and the solutions required to realize it, and when we met Mr. Hamuro, we were fascinated by the potential of Mr. Hamuro, his management team, and the solutions they are building. We are determined to work closely with Mr. Hamuro and his team to realize their vision, as this business is indispensable for realizing the ideal state of the logistics industry, which will be in ever-increasing demand in the future.

Company Profile

Company name: Logpose Technologies Inc.
CEO: Yukimitsu Hamuro
Establishment : October, 2018 Headquarters : Shibuya Mark City W22F, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan