Pre-Series A Round Investment in Microverse, an NFT-Native IP and Content Creation Company


Genesia Ventures has announced its investment in the Pre-Series A Round of Microverse, an NFT-Native IP and content creation company, from Genesia Venture Fund 3 (GV-3).

About Microverse

Microverse has conducted many projects such as the distribution and sales of NFTs with Vtubers and live streamers, and are providing an all-in-one API-based solution called Stella that supports the end-to-end process of NFT production and sales, whether for creating NFTs for existing IP and content, or to create completely new NFT-native IP and content.

Background of Funding

Since the Seed round funding in February 2022, Microverse had been exploring business possibilities in the NFT market from various angles, including the sales and distribution of NFTs under Stella and building numerous partnerships, and came to the conclusion that one of the inherent values that NFTs provide is the amalgamation of assets and proof of identity.

NFTs have a liquid secondary market, and as their creators and issuers grow, the value of NFTs tend to grow along with them, and these NFTs can also serve as proof that the holders have been supporters of the project from day one. These characteristics make NFTs a good way to help creators and businesses create new IP and content by allowing them to raise funds from the market and build communities.

With the new funding, Microverse will further expand the planning, development, and operational structure of NFT projects and accelerate the creation of NFT-native IP and content together with creators and businesses.

Use of Funds and Future Outlook

The funds raised will be mainly used for:

1.Strengthening recruitment for NFT project management and expanding partnerships

The company will strengthen recruitment of employees from diverse backgrounds in order to further accelerate NFT-native IP and content creation while involving numerous stakeholders including creators and businesses.

Recruitment website:

2.Investing in the growth of NFT projects operated by Microverse

Microverse is currently preparing to launch several NFT projects, and plan to invest in the growth and brand recognition of these projects to accelerate the creation of NFT-native IP and content.

3.Investing in new services

The NFT market is rife with scam projects and hacks. Moreover, there are barriers to entry for new creators and businesses in terms of technology and understanding of crypto and digital assets, especially since there is limited exposure in their daily lives. Microverse will continue to develop services that solve issues in the market, and support the development of a robust market where anyone can enter the world of NFT with confidence.

The company will work with stakeholders to find new forms of IP and content creation, and create a future in which anyone can freely engage in a variety of creative activities in the web3 era.

▼ Comment from Keita Shibuya, President of Microverse Inc.

We started Microverse in February 2022 and have tried various NFT use cases. We focused on the inherent characteristics of NFT around “assets” and “proof of identity”, and decided on the creation of NFT-native IP and content as our main line of business. Together with our partners and stakeholders who have invested in this project, we will continue to work hard to create a diverse economic zone based on IP and content originating from NFT projects.

About the Investment

Yuto Kono, Principal, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

We believe that NFTs will be a means to redesign the incentives and governance for stakeholders involved in projects in an optimal way, maximizing results and realizing appropriate revenue distribution. I am truly looking forward to the world that Shibuya and Microverse will realize in 5 to 10 years, and I will do my best to support them in achieving it!

Company Profile

Company name: Microverse Inc.
CEO: Keita Shibuya
Headquarters : Noah Shibuya 805, 36-2 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan