Investment in the Seed Round of OIKOS MUSIC, a Platform Advocating for a New Culture of Support Between Artists and Fans


Genesia Ventures, Inc. (CEO: Soichi Tajima, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) has invested in OIKOS MUSIC’s Seed round from Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3). OIKOS MUSIC is a company that advocates a new culture of support between artists and fans.


OIKOS MUSIC has been providing comprehensive support to artists in every aspect of their musical endeavors since the establishment of its record label business. This includes discovering and nurturing young talents, supporting sound production, music distribution, and the planning and management of live performances. Additionally, OIKOS MUSIC operates a subscription-based revenue sharing platform that utilizes NFT technology.

With the goal of creating a project that will contribute to the growth of the Japanese music industry and provide support to artists, OIKOS MUSIC operates with the aim of promoting cultural investment in response to the rapid changes in today’s society, which include advancements in technology and globalization.

About OIKOS MUSIC, a subscription revenue sharing platform

OIKOS MUSIC has successfully issued a total of 3,900 OIKOS [1] within a year since its launch, contributing to the creation of diverse monetization opportunities for artists in the era of music streaming services, as well as the development of fandoms that strengthen communication with fans. In fact, numerous artists have embraced the platform to build a comprehensive ecosystem around their music, encompassing everything from song production and release, to promotion and monetization. With these achievements, OIKOS MUSIC is establishing itself as a pioneering platform for fostering fan engagement and support in a whole new way.

In addition to its in-house artists, the company is also seeing a rise in the number of artists associated with other labels and independent artists who are selling their own OIKOS.

Lists of artists selling OIKOS:

[1] “OIKOS” is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that represents the rights for the holder to get a portion of the revenue generated by the subscription service. For details, please refer to the official announcement ( ).

Use of funds and future development

With the funds raised, OIKOS MUSIC will support young artists who lack the know-how for music distribution and funding for their activities, as well as the increasing number of DIY artists [2] who independently handle all aspects of their music activities. This support will provide them with opportunities to focus on their music, including music production and live concerts to engage with their fans. In order to enhance its support system, OIKOS MUSIC will expand its services, recruit more staff, and seek corporate and business partnerships.

Furthermore, with the proliferation of streaming services, the platform for distributing music to a global audience has been established, enabling artists to cultivate a fanbase across international borders. In order to fully leverage the benefits of borderless music and foster the emergence of artists who can thrive both domestically and internationally, OIKOS MUSIC will strengthen its export system for music overseas. Currently, the company has already been providing support for artists, led by Ryo ‘Lefty’ Miyata and other experts with extensive experience in A&R and artist management. Ryo ‘Lefty’ Miyata is a creator who provides and produces music for many renowned artists and had previously been co-writing [3] with overseas artists. By strengthening these services, OIKOS MUSIC aims to expand the market where artists and music creators can thrive.

The company will continue to support the creation of an environment where all artists can participate in meaningful musical activities and contribute to the growth of the music industry. Additionally, OIKOS MUSIC aims to establish lasting partnerships with independent artists and creators, supporting them in their creative endeavors by providing comprehensive assistance.

[2] DIY artists are independent artists who are not reliant on record labels, etc., and are personally responsible for all aspects of music production and distribution.
[3] Co-writing refers to multiple artists working together to produce music.

About the investment

Yushu Shuku, Investment Manager, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

The digitization of music media has accelerated the trend of socially influential artists working independently in Japan. We strongly resonate with OIKOS’s endeavor to create a platform that empowers independent artists. By making the intangible asset of “master rights” — a significant asset for artists — tangible, and by fostering a new market for asset liquidity, this platform enables artists to fully unleash their talents. This strong passion brought us to our decision to invest. The management team, with their long-standing support for the development of the Japanese music industry, possesses a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges. Together, we are committed to pioneering a new trend in this industry!

Company Profile

Company Name : OIKOS MUSIC
Date of Establishment : April 15, 2022
Location : 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative :Ryohei Miyata, President; Yuji Kobayashi, President; Akihiro Ichimura, President; Shigeo Maruyama, Special Advisor