Seed Round Investment in Sales Navi, a Sales Standardization System Using AI Coaches to Support Sales Coaching


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has announced its investment from Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3) in the Seed Round of Sales Navi, a company that develops and provides a sales standardization system that supports sales coaching by an AI coach in Japan.

About the Company

Sales Navi is a startup that develops and provides a sales standardization system called Sales Navi, with the official version having been released in February 2023.

Sales Navi believes that the decline in Japan’s working population is causing a variety of social issues, and that in order to solve these issues, humans and AI must coexist. Sales Navi supports the growth and augmentation of “elements that only humans can do” in sales activities, and optimizes and improves the efficiency of “elements that AI can replace”.

While sales is a job that can be performed by anyone regardless of educational background or age, there is no textbook or systematic training methods, so many salespeople tend to engage in sales activities using intuition, and many sales managers tend to provide subjective guidance. As a result, there is significant discrepancy between those who are successful and those who are not, resulting in a high turnover rate compared to other types of occupation. In response, the company has been developing Sales Navi, a sales standardization system that verbalizes and systematizes the know-hows, habits, and attitudes that have been proven effective and practiced by top salespeople in various industries in their daily sales activities, and all of it programmed into an AI coach.

About Sales Navi, a sales standardization system

Sales Navi contributes to the realization of a society in which everyone can achieve results and improve sales productivity by providing a sales roadmap suited to each salesperson.

In Sales Navi, an AI coach communicates with salespeople in an interactive format. This communication brings various insights before and after a sales meeting to help salespeople navigate their sales activities toward achieving consistent results. In addition, the AI Coach uses a proprietary dialogue algorithm to provide precise coaching tailored to the sales activities and challenges of individual salespeople. The majority of the responses are option-based, and the UI/UX is as simple as tapping on the options to have a conversation with an AI coach. The system enables data collection and analysis of salespeople’s activities, allowing them to share best practices of high performers within the company, something that had been difficult to share in the past.

Prior to its official release, Sales Navi was introduced to and used by various companies in the wholesale (trading), recruiting, real estate, and manufacturing industries, and the improvement in productivity of salespeople at these companies further confirmed that this solution contributes to sale increases and standardization of sales processes.

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Sales Navi Features


Sales Navi makes daily sales activity reporting (data entry), which is indispensable to increase the effectiveness of sales enablement, easy.

2.Sales Insights

The know-hows, do’s and don’ts, and mindset of top salespeople have been condensed into more than 1,000 sales insights that have been classified and systematized into four categories (mindset, skills, knowledge, and habits/management).

3.AI Coach

Sales Navi uses an AI coach that provides salespeople with interactive sales insights, and helps them navigate their sales activities toward achieving consistent results by bringing various insights to their attention before and after business meetings. The AI Coach also uses a proprietary dialogue algorithm to provide precise coaching tailored to various sales scenarios and issues faced by each salesperson, and since most of the salesperson’s responses in dialogue with the AI Coach are option-based, it enables data collection and analysis of the salesperson’s activities. This enables the sharing of best practices of top salespeople and high performers within the company, which had been difficult to do in the past.

Purpose of Funding

The company is developing its business with the aim of realizing a society in which everyone can achieve results, by providing a sales roadmap suited to individual salespeople.
The funds raised will be used to strengthen the sales structure that serves as a point of contact for existing and prospective Sales Navi customers, as well as to optimize the sales enablement experience for all customers.

Founder Profile

Daiki Tanaka, CEO of Sales Navi, Inc.

Tanaka joined Keyence as a new graduate and worked in sales. After constantly achieving his goals during his tenure at Keyence, he was scouted by Prudential Life Insurance and proceeded to join the company. He was awarded the President’s Cup for 11 consecutive terms since joining the company. In 2017, he became the youngest person in Japan to be appointed as a department manager. He was a MDRT TOT member from 2017 to 2021 (equivalent to the top 0.01% sales achievement). In 2021, he established Sales Navi Inc.

CEO Comments

There are many tools available in the market to manage sales activities, but we have received requests from salespeople who want to know the “right answers to sales activities” and tools that provide optimal sales guidance. Our solution is an unprecedented service that can support not only management but also guidance. Sales Navi will create a “sales guidepost” for salespeople and contribute to the realization of a society in which everyone can achieve results. In the future, we aim to make Sales Navi an indispensable infrastructure for sales professionals.

About the investment

Soichi Tajima, General Partner & CEO, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

“How can we increase the closing rate and average revenue per client by improving our sales force?” is a question I believe almost all business owners are asking and looking for the answers to. Sales Navi provides sales enablement that standardizes the sales process and maximizes the sales power of the team as a whole by implementing into its products the sales know-how and knowledge that Tanaka has acquired during his time at Keyence and Prudential Life Insurance. When I spoke with Tanaka last August, I saw the great potential Sales Navi had and immediately decided to invest in the company. Together with the Sales Navi team led by Tanaka, we will take on the challenge of realizing a society where anyone can constantly achieve results, starting with Japan, where there is an urgent need to improve labor productivity.

Company Profile

Company name: Sales Navi, Inc.
CEO: Daiki Tanaka
Establishment: April 9, 2021
Headquarters: 3F, 2-8-5 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka