Investment in Takumi Engineering, a company that provides an AI quotation support system for the manufacturing industry


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has made a pre-series A round follow-on investment in Takumi Engineering — a venture that originated from the University of Tokyo — through Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3). Takumi Engineering offers an AI-powered quotation support system called Takumi Force that is designed specifically for the manufacturing industry.

About Takumi Force, an AI Quotation Support System Designed for the Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturers and suppliers of parts and materials that sells a diverse range of products in small quantities, the process of creating quotations to determine the pricing of these parts and materials has become a significant management challenge. Even though creating quotations is a routine task with a high daily workload, only a limited number of personnel are capable of accurately calculating the prices of the parts and materials.

Many companies still rely on experience and intuition instead of a structured approach to creating quotations. Additionally, failing to properly reflect the value added by suppliers in prices can threaten the industry’s sustainability and lead to missed opportunities.

Takumi Force is an AI-powered system that provides comprehensive support for generating quotations quickly and accurately. It promotes sustainable management by streamlining processes instead of relying on individual experience, and ensuring fair pricing that reflects the true value of products.

The system can also be easily customized to reflect the management philosophy of each company, without requiring any programming knowledge.

Background of Funding

The company provides its AI-powered quotation support solution with the mission to promote “fair and sustainable manufacturing that companies can be proud of.” Takumi Force was launched in September 2022, after the team visited over 100 small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Japan, and identified long-standing issues with the quotation process.

The funds raised in this round will be used for three main purposes: recruitment, product development, and sales expansion. To support business growth, the company will focus on hiring talented individuals who share its vision of revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Additionally, the company will be investing more in AI and software development specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry.

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About the Investment

Soichi Tajima (Director / General Partner) and Masami Ichinohe (Investment Manager), Genesia Ventures, Inc.

We are excited to announce our additional investment in Takumi Engineering as a lead investor following the previous seed round. The management team, consisting of Mr. Maeda, Mr. Isaka, and Mr. Hara, has been actively exploring ways to deliver value to customers by visiting manufacturing sites and observing their operations. This approach is a testament to the team’s thoughtfulness and willingness to get their hands dirty. We remain committed to supporting Takumi Engineering and its mission to make Japan’s manufacturing industry more attractive.

Company Profile

Company Name: Takumi Engineering, inc.
Representative :Shota Maeda
Establishment :February 2020
Head Office :Room A, 8F, Core Hongo Building, 3-43-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo