Genesia Ventures Final Close of Second Fund at US$75M


We, at Genesia Ventures, are happy to announce the final closing of our second fund at $75M, as we continue to work as a team with our portfolio companies, Limited Partners, and all other stakeholders involved in the creation of new industries in the digital age to build a platform for digital transformation (DX).

About Genesia Ventures

Genesia Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in and supports seed and early-stage startups with a vision of creating a society of opportunity and prosperity for all, and we aim to be a venture capital firm that plays a part in the development of Asia.

With three offices in Tokyo, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City, we aspire to build a platform and work with all stakeholders in shaping society, including startups, corporations, investors, governments, and non-profit organizations, to create sustainable and large-scale industries across Asia.

Soichi Tajima, General Partner

We want to create a society that brings abundance and opportunity for all, and we are working every day in Japan and Southeast Asia to make this vision a reality. However, this is a vision that we cannot achieve on our own, and that is why as venture capitalists, we work as a team to bring together the startups that are taking on the challenge of creating the ideal society, and other stakeholders who share our vision. Through our role as a platform that serves as a circulatory system, we are able to help make this vision a reality, and we work toward realizing that vision.

Investment performance

We had invested in 47 seed and early-stage startups in Japan and Southeast Asia from the first fund of $35M, which completed its final close in December 2017. Our thesis for the second fund remain unchanged from the furst, and will cover the following areas:

1. Digital transformation (DX)
Business models around digital transformation, such as SaaS that improves business structures of various industries, and platforms that eliminate complex layers.

2. New economy
New economy business models such as OMO, C2C (E-Commerce, service), sharing economy, decentralized platforms, etc., that optimize individual empowerment and customer experiences.

3. Media and entertainment
Business models around media and entertainment, such as content, VR, and AR that provide value in the form of moving experiences, as individual interests diversify.