Seed Round Investment in Malme, a Venture Tackling DX in the Civil Engineering Sector


Genesia Ventures has announced its investment in Malme, a company that is addressing the challenge of Digital Transformation (DX) in the civil engineering industry, in its seed round.

About Malme

Malme is a startup founded primarily by engineers from the civil engineering industry, with the mission of “making civil engineering more interesting”.

Since its establishment in February 2021, a team of engineers with expertise in various DX technologies such as 3D surveying, 3D modeling, and ICT construction has been providing comprehensive BIM/CIM support services to customers such as construction consultants and construction companies.

The company aims to advance DX in the industry by harnessing ICT, AI, and other emerging technologies, while also emphasizing the inherent appeal of civil engineering and construction.

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Challenges that Malme is solving

The civil engineering industry faces diverse and increasingly challenging problems, including the aging public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railroads, and water and sewage systems that were constructed during periods of high growth, as well as disaster recovery efforts following frequent extreme weather events. However, there is a serious shortage of young engineers to carry the technology forward, along wth an ongoing wave of retirements of veteran engineers due to the aging workforce. If this trend persists, there will be a lack of civil engineers to support the infrastructure of future generations, which could jeopardize the safety and security of the cities we live in.

In light of these industry challenges, Malme has been developing a DX business that enhances productivity by leveraging 3D technologies like BIM/CIM and AI. Notably, its BIM/CIM services, a cornerstone of the business since inception, have received positive feedback from a diverse clientele, ranging from industry giants to local companies.

Use of funds and future development

Malme is poised to advance BIM/CIM technology, with a focus on 3Dization of structural analysis and design, and employing AI for technology transfer. The team had interviewed companies in the civil engineering industry to gather on-the-ground insights and address real-world challenges. To this end, they are developing “Structural Engine” [*1], an application that automates civil engineering design, and a technology transfer system that utilizes AI. The funding will drive these DX initiatives, fueling further expansion and the acceleration of new business endeavors.

[*1] “Structural Engine”: An innovative design automation tool that replaces skilled structural design engineers. It is equipped with an intuitive operation screen that allows users to seamlessly perform a series of tasks such as structural analysis, calculation, verification, drawing, 3D modeling, and documentation, and immediately reflects the results in the BIM/CIM model by simply entering the numerical values of components.

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About the investment

Naoki Kurosaki, Investment Manager, Genesia Ventures

We are delighted to have backed Malme. My first encounter with Mr. Takatori was at the “Entrepreneurs Academy” program ( we initiated last year. His ambitious mission to address broader industry challenges, despite already having an established BIM business, left a strong impression. Although the civil engineering industry is grappling with an aging workforce and digitalization of work, I see it as an industry that is undergoing — or rather must undergo — major changes over the next decade, such as stricter regulations on overtime work and the in-principle mandatory use of BIM in state-run construction projects. Malme is at the center of this whirlpool of change. I firmly believe in this future and look forward to our continued partnership with Malme.

Company Profile

Company Name : Malme inc
Establishment : February 2021 Location : 5F Bancho Kojimachi Building, 6-6-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo