Seed investment in Mierba, a Talent Assessment platform


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has announced its investment in the Seed Round of Mierba, a Talent Assessment platform in Japan, from Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3).

About Mierba

Mierba aims to realize a society where individuals can maximize their abilities with the vision of eliminating both the hiring of candidates who are not a good fit and the rejection of candidates who are a good fit for companies. In order to eliminate mismatches between companies and candidates after they join the company, Mierba is continuously developing the skill assessment tests for multiple fields. The company is now accepting pre-registration for its beta version scheduled for release in February 2023, which enables quick matching of the most suitable candidates with companies. Companies can quantify their selection criteria by creating skill assessment tests that match the attributes of their fields, enabling data-driven recruitment.

▼ Pre-registration for the closed beta version here:


Corporate HR recruiters are troubled by issues such as wanting to hire the best person for the company, but not being able tell much about candidates just from the job applications and interviews during the screening process. Another problem is when recruiters have done sufficient assessment, yet there is still a mismatch in culture fit and skills after a candidate joins the company. Although various aptitude tests and models have already been established, the reality is that it is often impossible to determine whether a candidate is actually capable of playing an active role in the company or in the company’s business based only on qualitative evaluation. In order to solve these problems, Mierba enables quantitative visualization and measurement of the compatibility between individuals and companies, and between individuals and the job/work, based on the most advanced assessment methods available in the global market.


  1. Creating job-specific tests to match the right people with each company
    Together with domestic and international industrial-organizational psychologists, Mierba had developed a skill assessment test for each job category based on real work situations. The test visualizes the ability to judge situations in actual jobs, which is difficult to determine only through application screening and interviews. By customizing the test for each company, it is possible to identify candidates who are a good match for the company rather than just candidates who are generally considered excellent. It also avoids the pitfall of judging a candidate based solely on how well a s/he presents himself/herself at an interview.
  2. Improving the candidate experience with tests based on real job situations
    Just as interviewers find it difficult to evaluate candidates, candidates often cannot visualize what the job and life at the company would be like if they join after only a few interviews. Therefore, by designing and administering tests that simulate post-hire work situations, it becomes possible for both parties to visualize what the work entails. It also deepens the understanding of the company and the job, and improves the candidate experience and candidate satisfaction.
  3. Data-driven recruitment through quantitative analysis of candidate skills
    Corporate recruiters and interviewers can view candidate responses in an automatically scored format. This information can then be used to support question design and communication during the selection process, and minimizes intuitive and qualitative judgments by hiring teams and personnel, enabling superior data-driven hiring decisions.

▼ Pre-register for the closed beta version here:

<Overall Supervision By> Mr. Clif P Lewis: Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. D. from Queen Mary University of London. He is an advisor to the Dubai government on the development of legal education and consults for several companies. He is a research fellow at the London Business School.

Purpose and Background of Fundraising

Comments from the Management Team Itsuki Maruyama, Representative Director, Mierba Inc.

Through my own job hunting experience, I realized from the candidate’s point of view that only one aspect can be seen from a resume and interview. Through interviews with many hiring managers, I learned that there are frequent mismatches, where candidates were highly rated during the interview process, but were either not a fit for the company or did not have the skills expected of them after joining the company. This is why I decided to launch Mierba and develop the service.

About the investment

Soichi Tajima, General Partner & CEO, Genesia Ventures, Inc. / Yuto Kono, Principal, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

We want to create a society where people can find jobs that suit them by shining a light on their abilities and strengths, not on their attributes or backgrounds. Together with Mierba and led by Mr. Maruyama, we want to create a future that can “unlock the highest expression of everyone’s talent in the world.” We decided to invest in Mierba because we were drawn to Mr. Maruyama’s passion, energy, and involvement in making this future a reality. As Team Mierba, we will work together as one team to realize this future.

Company Profile

Company Name: Mierba. Inc.
CEO: Itsuki Maruyama
Establishment: 5, 2021
Headquarters:UCF70, Toranomon RAPO-TO Building, 1-16-6 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo