Investment in TAIAN, a company specializing in services and products for the bridal industry


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has made a follow-on investment in TAIAN, a company specializing in services and products for the bridal industry. The investment is a part of its pre-series A round and is made through Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3).


TAIAN is a bridal company that develops and operates Oiwaii, a SaaS platform for bridal businesses, as well as **Concept Marry, a web-based service for couples planning a wedding to handle invitations and seating charts.

Oiwaii is a cloud-based system designed specifically for the bridal industry. It provides a centralized management solution for various aspects of running a wedding planning business. This includes applying to participate in bridal fairs, managing advertisements, maintaining customer information from their initial visit to contract signing, generating estimates for menus and options, and fostering ongoing relationships after the wedding reception.

Concept Marry is a platform that enables couples to design wedding invitations and seating charts that align with their wedding theme. Additionally, guest information can also be easily managed through Oiwaii.

In the two years since its release, TAIAN’s solutions have been used at wedding banquet halls across the country, supporting approximately 1,600 weddings and receptions. With the goal of ensuring that the wedding day is unforgettable, TAIAN aims to alleviate the burden for wedding planners by handling administrative tasks with external parties, allowing them to focus on the work that only they can do. Moving forward, the company plans to expand the system’s capabilities to support a wide range of important celebrations that includes other types of events and banquets.

Background on Investment, Industry Issues and Prospects

Japan’s bridal industry has faced challenges amid the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. However, there are now indications of a gradual recovery in demand.

On the other hand, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. These include a declining birthrate, a growing number of unmarried couples, and the need to adapt to changes in wedding culture, such as the option of not having a wedding at all. Furthermore, employees in the industry face increasing workload due to the slow data processing of industry-specific services, fulfilling custom requests from couples and collaborating with multiple suppliers, further compelling the need for digital transformation (DX).

The company was founded with the goal of embracing a culture of celebration and leveraging the power of IT to alleviate the workload of individuals dedicated to spreading happiness.

The objective of this funding is to improve Oiwaii as an all-in-one wedding system and to invest in new business development aimed at expanding the company’s business domain from “Bridal DX” to a “Celebration Tech Company,” with a focus on the various celebrations that bring joy to people’s lives. The company will continue to address challenges such as enhancing productivity in the hospitality sector, including the bridal industry.

About the Investment

Koki Mizutani, Investment Manager, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

As someone who enjoys attending weddings, it is a precious moment for me to witness the joy of my friends, relatives, and colleagues on their special day. Whether it’s a wedding or any other occasion for people or organizations to come together in celebration, I feel that the practice of celebrating is an enduring universality, despite the increasing diversity in lifestyles and values. We have been supporting the TAIAN team for the past year and are thrilled to once again lead this round, just as we did in the previous round last year. We will do our utmost to deliver our heartfelt congratulations to everyone!

Company Profile

Company name: TAIAN, Inc.
Location: 6F Yotsuyasaneicho Square, 9-6 Yotsuyasaneicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Mariko Murata, CEO