Pre-Series A Round Investment in Todoker, a provider of cloud-based management tools and BPO services for office mail and deliveries


Genesia Ventures, Inc. has announced its investment in the Pre-Series A Round of Todoker Inc., a provider of cloud-based management tools and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for office mails and deliveries in Japan, from Genesia Venture Fund No. 3 (GV-3).

About Todoker

Todoker is a startup whose mission is to provide equal working environment for all, and aims to eliminate disparities in the working environment based on the nature of work by simplifying the things and data associated with them.

In recent years, mails and deliveries that arrive at companies that have adopted new ways of working — such as hybrid work and remote work — have become a hindrance to the flexible working arrangement.

Todoker has developed its solutions (that goes by the same name) Todoker, a digital management tool for office mail and deliveries, and Cloud Mailroom, a mini-BPO service that helps manage mails and deliveries remotely.

About Todoker and Cloud Mailroom

Todoker, a cloud-based management tool for mails and deliveries

Todoker is a cloud-based mail management tool for corporate functions (general affairs, mailroom, etc.). Companies can easily start cloud management and automation of receiving mails and deliveries to their offices without significant capital investment, simply with a smartphone and PC. This tool is expected to have a number of benefits, such as the shift to hybrid work for employees in charge of receiving mails and deliveries, and the optimization of office floor space.

Cloud Mailroom, a mini-BPO service for remote management of mails and deliveries.

Cloud Mailroom is a mini-BPO service that digitizes mail delivered to the office. After Todoker receives mails on behalf of users, they will receive notification in image format, and can request necessary processing such as PDF scanning and forwarding at the touch of a button. This system contributes to solving the shortage of human resources and eliminating disparities in the work environment within the company by substituting the work of the general affairs and mail room staff who used to have to come to the office to check and distribute mail, while those around them are enjoying the benefits of remote work.

Background of Funding

The acceleration of work style reforms triggered by the pandemic is progressing at a speed that exceeds expectations, and new flexible work styles are beginning to become commonplace. On the other hand, the reality is that the benefits of flexible work styles such as hybrid work and remote work can only be enjoyed by certain groups of employees, and those working in corporate positions such as general affairs are not able to enjoy the full benefit of such flexible work styles. This is due to the existence of mails that are delivered to the office. According to a survey conducted by The Monthly General Affairs of Japan, only 0.4% of the General Affairs staff were able to work remotely even under the emergency declaration, indicating that these workers have been left out of the benefits of the “Work-Style Reform”.

(Survey by Monthly General Affairs :

Todoker aims to provide equal working environment for everyone, regardless of company size, by supporting the digital management of mails and deliveries.

Comments from Tsuyoshi Nojima, CEO, Todoker Inc.

We have been consulting with companies of all sizes, from large corporations to start-ups, and have seen many companies struggling with deliveries and mail handling amidst the rapid changes in the office environment. Many of them are using paper-based, analog business processing in the area of general affairs, which has not been able to catch the wave of digitalization.

The issues related to the management of mails and deliveries are also connected to various social problems. For example, although it is not well known, mailroom work is a source of employment for people with disabilities. As work styles change and offices become empty, traditional mailrooms will no longer function as it used to, and it may become difficult to maintain employment for the disabled. According to the data we have accumulated so far, as of December 2022, more than 20% of the large volume of mails delivered to offices were discarded without being opened, and more than 55% could be sent in PDF format. The visualization of this wasteful consumption of large amounts of paper and the acceleration of the movement to eliminate this waste have social significance, such as contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and have value beyond the improvement of business efficiency within a company.

There is already a form of mail room management in overseas markets called the Digital Mailroom, but we have not heard of it yet in Japan. Todoker is looking to be the first tool to realize a Digial Mailroom in Japan.

With this financing, Todoker will be able to expand its business in the Japanese market and develop and improve products that will further automate mail and delivery processing. We will also invest in marketing to increase awareness of our services and strengthen recruitment activities in line with the expansion of our business.

We are also strengthening recruitment for business and engineering, so if you are interested in joining us, please visit our recruitment page.

Recruitment page:

Investment by Genesia Ventures, Inc.

Soichi Tajima, General Partner & CEO, Genesia Ventures, Inc.

Despite the increase in the volume of mail and postal items due to the spread of remote work and the rise in e-commerce during the pandemic, the process of receiving and sending these mails and items has not changed. This has resulted in some downsides, such as having to go all the way to the office to receive and deliver mail, and mail getting lost amongst documents. Todoker is a startup that is taking on the challenge of redefining the General Affairs department and mail room, by visualizing and streamlining the delivery of mail and postal items. Together with team Todoker led by Nojima, we will take on the challenge of realizing a sustainable society by eliminating the inconvenience of ukewatashi (delivery) and reducing paper-based mail in the mid- to long-term.

Company Profile

Company name: Todoker Inc.
CEO: Tsuyoshi Nojima
Establishment : July, 2018
Headquarters : Dainichichibuya Building, 1-3-12 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan