Investment Analyst



Aero, a graduate of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, specialized in International Relations with a particular emphasis on economic collaborations and development. Following his graduation, he embarked on a role as a Marketing Analyst at a Japanese multi-finance firm, allowing him to explore into his profound interest in finance and acquire valuable industry insights. He has joined Genesia Venture as an analyst in the Indonesia office, driven by the aspiration to grow into a Venture Capitalist capable of foster thriving startups, stimulate economic development, and forge fresh opportunities.


Place of birth/residence

Jakarta→Beppu, Oita→Tokyo→Jakarta

Hobbies, Favorite Things, Holidays

Watching sports, Hiking, reading book (favorite book “the alchemist” by Paolo Coelho), Tech, Food (cooking and trying new dishes), Photography.

Episodes from your school days (club activities, majors, etc.)

When I was in University in Japan, I worked in a small family owned Izakaya. This experience proved to be exceptionally challenging, enjoyable, and unforgettable. It pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and compelling me to confront challenges head-on.

Favorite country/episode

Not a country but a place, Beppu-city specifically Mochigahama Beach. It's a place where I forged lasting bonds with people who would later become my closest friends, and where I experienced all the typical joys of university life.

Favorite Company/Vision/Value

Nike 10 Principals form the 1970.

Why did you become a VC?

I was introduced to the world of venture capital by a close friend, and after thorough research and discussions, I decided that this is where I need to be. Discovering innovative business and fostering the economy development through innovative breakthrough.

Favorite motto

1. Be curious, not Judgemental ーTed Lasso (from the Ted lasso series), 2. Fortiter et fideliter / Bravely and Faithfully.