Partner/Chief ESG Officer



Worked at the Norinchukin Bank for 10 years and was involved in alternative investment businesses for credit products such as corporate bonds and credit derivatives in the Western market,
and structured products such as structured bonds and securitized products. After that gained experience in M​​&A advisory work at KPMG FAS, and joined the Development Bank of Japan in 2011. In addition to being in charge of ALM in the finance department of the bank, engaged in LP investment in overseas PE funds and domestic institutional investor business at DBJ Asset Management, contributing to the expansion of the company's AUM. Since 2017, has been transferred to DBJ Capital and is engaged in investment in domestic venture companies during the seed/early period and LP investment in domestic and overseas VC funds as a venture capitalist. From 2021, as the director of the company's investment department, in addition to formulating investment strategies and making investment decisions, will also focus on supporting collaboration between large DBJ Group business partners and investee venture companies. Joined Genesia Ventures, Inc. in September 2021. Graduate of the Tokyo University Faculty of Economics and holds an MBA degree from the UCLA School of Management.


I joined Genesia Ventures with an extraordinary desire to make entrepreneurial support my life's work, as a culmination of the experiences and values I have accumulated over the years.
In order to strengthen Japanese industry and realize a better society, I would like to continue to aggressively take on challenges together with entrepreneurs who have high aspirations. I look forward to working with you!