CEO/General Partner



During a tenure of eight years at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, engaged in a variety of funding projects, such as individual loans, financing for SMEs and large firms, syndication, and debt liquidity. Joined CyberAgent in January 2005. After leading the launch of a financial media project for the company, worked on numerous corporate IPOs and buyouts as a venture capitalist at CyberAgent Ventures (now CyberAgent Capital), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CyberAgent. Starting in August 2010, as president of the company, was deeply involved in expanding the firm’s investment area, crafting strategies for investment in eight countries, and investment decision on all accounts, growing the company into one of a select few venture capital firms with currency in Asia. Also actively worked on vitalizing the industry as a whole as the director of the Japan Venture Capital Association.

Founded Genesia Ventures, Inc. in August 2016. Graduate of the Osaka University School of Engineering.


Let’s work together to create new industries and services that have a major beneficial impact on the world and are sustainable, creating a future society of wealth and opportunity for all. We act as entrepreneurs’ best partner in realizing their ambitious vision and being deeply involved as stakeholders on the ground floor, committed to giving our all.