Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Joined IBM Japan in 2017 and worked in its Financial Sales Division 2. Took part in a team developing proposals for use of Watson, coupon support, and adding value to ATMs. Transferred to the Financial Sales Division 3, taking part in a global team promoting the adoption of cashless payment methods in Japan and proposing IT solutions supporting the electronic payments business. In October 2018, engaged in support of the IBM BlueHub group’s incubation activities. In addition, I was involved in the formulation of the early-stage VPJ organization. As a community of Vietnamese professionals in Japan, we organize various events and activities to support the careers and lives of these individuals. I also engaged in business development across government, corporates, academia, and securing new sponsorships for our activities.
Joined Genesia Ventures, Inc. in April 2019. Graduate of the Osaka University School of Economics.


To all the brave entrepreneurs out there: You are attempting to create something no one has done before, and may experience solitude in the fact that not everyone around you shares your enthusiasm. Yet we are committed to embarking on the long journey with you and taking up the challenge. We will be unstinting in our effort, such that one day you will look back and know that you made the right choice in working with us.