Investment Manager



Shunsuke Sagara is a BtoB SaaS veteran who led 50+ projects in the field of data-driven marketing and digital transformation for top enterprise companies in Japan.He had experienced an enterprise sales and marketing for 5+ years at Treasure Data, a Silicon Valley based company. Skills and knowledge in cloud data warehousing,data analytics, digital marketing, and BtoB sales enablement.
He joined Genesia Ventures in February 2019.B.A. in Business and Commerce at Keio University.


By way of analogy, in the absence of superior operating systems, even the best software will be unable to drive that benefit back to the hardware, leading this software to fall by the wayside. Similarly, we want to develop the best “OS” that allows entrepreneurs to “implement” their superior “software” in society and keep it updated for the long run to be of benefit to society.