Investment Manager



Elsha E. Kwee joined Genesia Ventures in September 2019 as Investment Manager, focusing on digital startups in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia.
Prior to joining Genesia Ventures, she was a Software Engineer turned Product Manager at a financial technology company offering online payment solution for digital businesses. As a Product Manager, she was involved in high-level business discussions with both internal and external executives to manage multiple projects in a dynamic environment, and had experience in engaging with financial institutions to develop an alternative lending product. Internally, she worked closely with the business development team to translate business needs into technical requirements, and the engineering team to help determine the best technical implementation methods. As a Software Engineer, she was involved in the implementation of the KYC system, internal audit system, automated reporting and testing tools for financial institution partners. Prior to that, Elsha was part of the investment team at CyberAgent Ventures (now CyberAgent Capital), whose portfolio include Tokopedia, Ralali and HarukaEdu in Indonesia.


I admire founders who are determined to make society better by using technology to equalize access to opportunities, and using data and automation to improve existing processes to make systems more efficient. I believe that founders know their businesses and industries best as they have spent the most resources and time thinking about how to build their companies and work toward their goals, and as someone who shares the same passion in building I look forward to collaborating with founders who are tenacious in turning their vision into reality.