Relationship Manager



After graduation from university, worked at an apparel firm. In 2010, took part in the launch of an IT-oriented startup. Handled writing and web production for the company’s in-house media. In 2012, joined arara Inc., a company providing BtoB IT solutions, acting as its head of general affairs and PR. This involved refining internal rules, all aspects of external PR, and general meetings of shareholders. In addition to the above, supported the accounting division, handling a wide-ranging scope of duties. When the company began hiring new graduates out of university, handled its hiring division, becoming involved in all aspects of the hiring process, from planning hiring of human resources on through to progress management for hires at all levels: new graduate, mid-career, temporary agency placement, and interns. In 2016, transferred to the sales division, creating sales policies and managing projects, as well as handling new accounts.
Joined Genesia Ventures, Inc. in August 2018. Graduate of the Toyo Eiwa University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


“What is a startup?”
We believe a startup can be defined as a dynamic team working with alacrity to create and promote new worldviews and values that are of benefit to society and that will enrich people’s lives. We believe our mission is creating a strong team and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.