Southeast Asia

General Partner



Joined CyberAgent in April 2007. While a student, took part in the launch of CyberBuzz, a subsidiary handling influencer marketing, launching new business units and engaging in alliances and securing new sales channels. Went on to work in the gaming division of CyberAgent and launch a mobile social application and work in management at CyberX, a subsidiary, contributing to the growth of high profit yield businesses. Joined CyberAgent Ventures (currently CyberAgent Capital) in June 2011, working as a venture capitalist in Japan. In October of 2011, assumed the role of head of the firm’s Indonesian branch, overseeing all investment activities in Southeast Asia. Engaged in a range of business support of different ventures, such as investment in Tokopedia, a unicorn leading Southeast Asia.
Left that firm at the end of September 2018 and joined Genesia Ventures, Inc. Graduate of the Waseda University School of Sport Sciences.


Place of birth/residence

Fukuoka / Jakarta

Hobbies, Favorite Things, Holidays

Books, Comics, Football

Episodes from your school days (club activities, majors, etc.)

Volunteered for an NGO in Vietnam and Cambodia that approaches solutions to various issues in emerging countries.
Experienced launching and operating educational media while interning at a startup.
My activities as a student led him to make technology x emerging countries one of his life's themes.

Favorite country/episode

Cambodia, Indonesia

Why did you become a VC?

I was able to encounter my life vision of "contributing to society through business" when I was a university student.
At the time, I wanted to be an entrepreneur myself, so I joined CyberAgent, where I was given the challenge of launching new businesses all the time. Through my experience in launching businesses, I came to aspire to become a venture capitalist who can work on both sides of business and investment.
I was convinced that VC work, which allows me to work closely with entrepreneurs who are building large businesses through solving social issues, and to solve many social issues with many entrepreneurs, is in line with my vision for life. I am challenging myself every day to embody my life vision as a GP of Genesia Ventures.

Favorite motto

Que Sera, Sera