While a student at Waseda University, traveled to India in October 2013, launching a local Japanese startup in the real estate sector and handling web site development and sales. Then worked at Quipper (later acquired by Recruit), an education-oriented startup, working as an intern managing educational content development; later worked at YourStory, an IT technology media venture, in launching its web site for Japan.
Starting in October 2015, was permanently stationed in Bangalore, India as the research lead for CyberAgent Ventures (now CyberAgent Capital), performing research on local markets and uncovering promising startups.
Joined Genesia Ventures, Inc. in April 2017. Graduate of the Waseda University School of Social Sciences.


The world is full of problems to solve. We want the 21st century to be one in which as many of the most critical issues as possible can be remedied once and for all. Our vision is aligned with hardworking entrepreneurs who give their all every day to achieve a better, brighter tomorrow, and we endeavor to work in tandem with them towards the achievement of their aspirations. We make every effort on behalf of our enthusiastic entrepreneurial partners.